WELCOME to our Protestant University Chaplaincy!

"People will come from east and west and north and south, and will take their places at the feast in the kingdom of God." (Gospel of Luke 13,29) 

We are an international, ecumenical and inclusive community - grounded in the Christian faith and open to dialogue and encounter with people from all faiths and none! Everyone is welcome to contribute.

We aim to be a place where students can meet, discuss, pray, study, eat and celebrate - there is (almost) no limit to what we can do in our church and rooms - including our very own "ESG Bar" (Pub).

We try to help with whatever problem or challenge you encounter, may it be personal, spiritual or financial (for international students).

Next door there is also a student dormitory - rooms for affordable prices available. Information and download of application forms here: https://esg.ekhn.de/esg-mainz/angebote/wohnen.html

Please feel free to contact us - even though our Website may not be translated into English, both pastors and most students do speak English!

Rev Dr. Kerstin Söderblom: ksoederb@uni-mainz.de Tel.: 06131 3040611

Office Number - Ms Anja Zimmermann : esg@uni-mainz.de Tel.: 06131 304060



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