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The ESG (protestant university parish) strives to be a meeting point for all nations und fields at the university. We encourage and enable interreligious and intercultural dialogue. In our work we hope to contribute to a pluralistic society, social justice and equality of all people.

The ESG is a place, that can become a temporary home for students away from their home. You can contribute, try out new ideas, get to know other students, hang out and experience spirituality and ecumenical live. And should you find yourself in need of advice: we offer confidential, individual counseling.

The ESG actively stands for human rights, peace, self-empowerment and solidarity at university, church and in society.

We offer advice and support for international students, as well as counseling in times of crisis.

Each semester we offer a program of global and societal topics and events.

Meditation- and Mindfulness-Classes can help you deal more placidly with the stressful university life. With classes on rhetoric we provide encouragement and skill to develop your own style of speech and diminish fears.

Language classes by native speakers, yoga, pilates, zumba and salsa are also regulars among our program. The ESG choir is a long-standing institution. It is very popular and always welcomes new students.

The Sunday-Breakfastclub and the open living-room are both student run activities, we are very happy to host.

If active spirituality is of interest to you, we recommend the ecumenical “Nachtgedanken” (a musical evening service), the CampusAndacht and the Taizee-Prayer.

Of course there is time to party and celebrate as well. For example at the summerfestival or the Christmas-party.

Each semester a new program with interesting activities and classes is offered.

Our classes, meetings and counseling all take place on the campus westend at sioli7 (the church run dormitories), as well as the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. At the Studierendenhaus in Bockenheim we offer concerts by students of the Musical School Frankfurt.

The ESG is part of the protestant church Hessen and Nassau. It is also part of the Protestant University Parishes Germany. An organization of 120 parishes spread throughout Germany’s universities.

As of now our staff consists of two chaplains, three social-workers and two administrative employees. The different groups usually have around 5-30 participants, which are all very young.

Our logo is the red rooster. A long tradition. The rooster is a symbol for vigilance. With it’s cry in the early hours of the day it proclaims the end of the night and the beginning of a new day. That does not mean, that we start working before dawn at the ESG. It should however symbolize, that we keep a critical eye on developments in society and church. The rooster stands for the fearless calling out of injustice and seeks to encourage us, to stand up for peace and equality. To take responsibility. 

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